Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Heart is Melting for Melt Shop

I could also say my cholesterol is going up...but that wouldn't be as nice of a title.

Since it's such a beautiful day, my friend John and I decided to meet up at Melt Shop, a new grilled cheese mecca nestled in the little plaza that makes up the Lexington Avenue/53rd St station. John had spoken highly of a particular sandwich there, and I knew I had to try it.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Cheese Sauce, Melt Sauce, Red Cabbage Slaw w/Country White Bread

Okay guys. PLEASE NOTE THE ULTRA CRISPY CRUST ON THIS MOTHA! It's just gorgeous. You can tell that Melt Shop is serious about grilled cheese construction. None of the ingredients are falling out and it's super stable. The taste? Well, I think the only phrase I can use is: "it kicks you in the ASS". So many flavors and textures are assaulting your taste buds, that it's almost overwhelming. Almost. The red cabbage slaw is nice and tangy and really cuts through the richness of the sandwich. Vibrant color and crunch are big pluses, too. The chicken breast is super juicy and just seasoned enough, with not too much breading. The Melt Sauce was phenomenal, really creamy and a tad bit spicy. I think it's mayo based, but it was so good I didn't care (I'm not a huge mayo fan). A blanket of creamy cheese sauce and and exceptional sliced cheddar remind you that this is first and foremost, a grilled cheese...and you better not forget it.

John decided to not go into a food coma with me by having the cheddar and maple bacon on sourdough. The bacon actually tasted maple-y which paired perfectly with the sharp cheddar. To go with this stellar sammy, we split an order of tater tots with a side of Melt Sauce. Hot, crispy and perfectly cooked. 

Now I could only eat half of my sandwich, b/c I knew the only respite after eating that whole damn thing would be going straight home and taking a nap. But that only meant I had room for dessert. A sign next to their window said, "Check out our milkshakes!" What sort of person would I be to ignore such a friendly, cheerful sign? An ass. So I got a milkshake.

Coffee Crunch Milkshake

Their Coffee Crunch milkshake is made with delicious Stumptown Coffee, ice cream, and (gulp!), ESPRESSO BEANS! I like my shakes so thick that it gives me a headache to suck them through the straw. This was one of those milkshakes. I was in jittery sugar heaven on my way back to work.

Apparently, they're open for breakfast now, which is pretty awesome. But I really hope they look into delivery...sometimes it's hard to make the time to run up there on my lunch break. Also, I'd really like it if they were open a little later than 5 for dinner, at least for the summer. Imagine yourself relaxing in the twilight of the Citibank Plaza....with oozy cheese running down your chin. Yup, I can see it too.

Hop to it, Melt Shop!


  1. OMG I do not like cheese or milk and I WANT IT.

  2. wow....i think i know where i'll be eating on my next trip to nyc! thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice.....that coffee milkshake would have me jittery and bouncing off the walls though. I need to get up to that part of midtown.

  4. MMMM MILKSHAKE... me wanty one NOW!!!

    and that cheese.... goooey melded together grilled cheezus... i think my heart just stopped *drool