Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Thrilla From Korilla....BBQ, That Is.

I FINALLY got a chance to snag a burrito from the Korilla BBQ truck a couple Fridays ago, and boy....was it GOOD. Their route is mostly in Midtown, but never in areas that I can easily get to. The one time they stopped close enough to me (I think it was somewhere in the 30s) was in December. The line was ridiculous; way too long for me to stand in the cold for something I'd never had before.

However, I struck paydirt when I found out that they were going to be on 38th and 7th. I was heading in that direction anyway to run errands, so I could easily pick something up and keep going. When I got to the truck, I was greeted by a beautiful sight: a 6-7 person line. It was going fast too, due to the assembly line way they were putting together the food. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted too: a big fat Porkinator Burrito.

The Porkinator Burrito

Pork shoulder, Korilla BBQ sauce, cucumber, kimchi slaw, bacon kimchi fried rice, jack cheese, salsa, and lettuce. And, it was roughly the size of my head. So many flavors all at once! The pork was super tender and juicy, and the rice was covered in delicious tangy kimchi and bacon fat. The vegetable contingent definitely stood up against the bold/spicy flavors of the meat and sauce, and every bite was meaty yet refreshing. I did lose a bit of the cheese though with all of the sauce and meatiness, but I think I'll just ask for extra next time. As I walked down the street, I nommed, and my arm was dripping with sauce and juices; I loved every minute. 

For 8 bucks, this burrito was a huge and satisfying late lunch...that ultimately left me paralyzed with the worst case of the itis I had ever had. So, if you're gonna do this for lunch (and you BETTER), I would suggest that you do so with caution.  Make sure you have a place to nap afterwards.


  1. I LURVE Korilla. The tacos are good, and I actually like the bowls as well.

  2. i'm gonna give myself a while before i try the bowls. if they're as massive as the burrito, i WILL fall into a food coma.