Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I don't Make Wise Lunch Decsions Sometimes

I'm not saying this because today's lunch was terrible. I'm saying this because there was too much of it. When you sit at a desk for most of the day, a heavy lunch will mess up the whole of your afternoon. But that's neither here nor there.

I feel like Kimchi Taco and I have been playing a cruel sort of song and dance with each other, much like the one Korrilla BBQ and I were playing for months. Playing a bastardized version of telephone tag with an entire vehicle is extremely frustrating! But today, the truck was close enough to my job, and I decided to indulge. I've been rocking the home leftovers since Monday, and damnit, I deserved a treat!

I got the 3 for 7 buck taco option (they also have 4 for 9 bucks), and chose the classic Korean BBQ beef, seared pork, and pulled chicken.

From left to right: Pork, Beef, Chicken

Finally, SPICY FREAKING TACOS! I had ordered a bottle of water with my meal and promptly forgot it, so my chest was aglow with the happy heat of all those red pepper flakes and tangy doses of kimchi. This was also without bbq sauce, because I forgot to put some on. Look, I was hungry and only had a half hour left of my lunch break, folks! Now, this wasn't so spicy that I was miserable, but the kick is definitely if you're not a fan of spicy food, either ask if they can make it less so...or don't eat here. The beef was my favorite, very well seasoned, tender, and delectable with its slight char. The pork came in at a close second, and the chicken third. The bird was spicy, but was kind of blah. Honestly, I didn't miss the sauce, b/c all of these were incredibly juicy, but I would've liked to at least try the spicy and mild varieties. Next time, I'll make sure to remember to splash some on.

For my side dish, I really wanted to try the kimchi arancini (their variation on the italian rice ball that has mexican mozzerella, panko, kimchee puree, parm, and red pepper paste). However, as soon as I overheard that they were sold out, I chose the spicy rice cake.

Korean Rice Cakes (Tteok)
They were doused in a Korean red pepper glaze and topped with queso blanco and scallions. The texture: kind of like a firmer version of mochi. The cakes soaked up all that tangy, sweet glaze, and even though I wished the cheese was a little bit sharper, I loved the dish as a whole.

Oh, and remember the water I said I forgot? When I went back to the truck (I had lunch in the public plaza across the street), and let the nice guys know that I forgot it, they gave me two bottles to make up for it. Delicious food, and nice service. Good work, Kimchi Taco.


  1. Yum. Kimchi's cheesesteaks are crazy good. I wish they made burritos!

  2. i want to try those next! i was scared i wouldn't have room for anything else if i ate one haha.