Friday, February 18, 2011

NYC Restaurant Week: Girls Night Out @ Centrico!

I'm really lucky to have a very diverse group of sexy, sassy, and amazing ladies to call friends. But, our lives are so busy nowadays, we hardly have time to cross paths as a group. I've already been to two other restaurants (Blue Smoke and Hill Country = AMAZING) for RW, but I really wanted to do a ladies-only affair. I made my BFF Michelle in charge of where we were going to eat, and she chose Centrico, Aaron Sanchez's take on upscale Mexican cusine in Tribeca.

When we got there, the only word I could think of was: warmth. Everything from the lighting to the brass tables conveyed this immediate sense of comfort and classiness. The menu for RW was a very nice selection from all over the regular menu. I ordered the Camarones y Pozole, the Pollo a la Brasas, and for dessert, Tres Leches cake.

For the whole table, we started with homemade chips and guac.

The chips were amazing, crunchy and warm, with a nice dose of salt. I prefer my guacamole with some more onions and spices, but theirs was still good.

My starter, shrimp in a creamy Guajillo chili sauce sitting on a bed of ground, crispy pozole (hominy), was ridiculous. If there was a way to get that delicious sauce pumped into my veins via I.V., I would make it happen. The brininess of the shrimp combined with the crunchy, yet creamy pozole was a revelation.

Next up, my beautiful, simple grilled chicken, which sat up upon hominy in a fragrant broth. The menu referred to it as "recado", which is a blend of spices including annato, cumin, Mexican oregano, among others. The meat was extremely tender and the flavors from the spices went all the way down to the bone. Another instance where I wanted to lick the plate.

Okay guys, let's get serious. Can we get serious? Can we talk about how FANTASTIC this Tres Leches cake was? REAL.TALK. Moist, obscenely decadent and sweet, and a hidden layer of dulce de leche!!! I'm a huge fan of three milk cake (milk, sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream), and this was the best I've ever had. I loved the raspberry sauce too, its tartness against the sweet milky mixture...I swear I'm gonna start talking dirty if I'm forced to explain how much I liked this cake. INSANITY.

Centrico was the perfect backdrop to a NYC girls night out. Great wine, conversation, and incredible food to bond over. You know when the meal is legit when the only noises coming from a table of 5 girls are sighs because the food is so good. Cheers, ladies!

*Sidebar: Girls, make sure you comment below and tell everyone what you ate and how you liked it!


  1. I'm so glad we went there. The food was simply delicious and I must have told 5 people at work the next day to try it.

    I had the chicken too, but what most surprised me was the fish. Two of the girls ordered Mahi Mahi and Striped Bass and when I tasted them, my tongue started to sing. Now, I don't eat fish... like ever. Only when I have sushi and it's raw, but these dishes seriously made me question my no cooked fish eating preference.

    And while everyone else was enjoying Tres Leches, I was having a choco attack with the Molten Mexican Chocolate cake. I should have taken a picture, but to tell you the truth, it really wasn't even on my plate long enough for all that. I even eyed it afterwards thinking to myself at one point if the girls would think it odd to lick my plate. Yum yum yum.

    TAKE HER ADVICE AND GO EAT THERE! Money damn well spent.

  2. I started off with the first ceviche experience and one I will likely not forget for a while. I don't remember what fish it was exactly but what does it matter? It was melt in your mouth delicious with just a hint of buttery goodness on top of a layer of fun little greens and an amazing mango/passion fruit sauce. The sauce it probably what surprised and delighted me the most.

    I continued with the braised short ribs. I stuck my fork into the delightfully presented dark brown piece of meat dripping with sauce and didn't even need to use my knife. Bringing the fork up slowly to my mouth was my own private form of culinary foreplay. The meat literally melted in my mouth. Melted people. I seriously debated offering bites to my four table mates but after tasting their food knew it was only proper. Let's just say they are lucky I love them. The dish came with homemade corn tortillas and an onion salsa...both of which I found rather extraneous. The tortillas were good for soaking up the extra sauce which I would have drunk had it been appropriate (I am after all, not exactly known for my class), but I'm not a fan of raw onions so they stayed where I found them.

    I also had the Tres Leche cake. It was (again) a first for me. It was sweet and thick and creamy and delicious but what really made it for me was the raspberry sauce. Although touched on above, I do believe I'm the only one who made sure every scrap of that sauce made it into my mouth. I wish there had been more but in all honesty, it was probably the perfect amount to compliment the deliciousness of the cake.

    All in all, this has been my absolute favorite dining experience in NYC and even though I'm relatively new to the city and definitely new to the whole "treat yourself and spend money on the food you eat" kind of life, I highly doubt that this experience will be forgotten. Ever.

  3. Oooh...I like upscale Mexican. I will definitely check it out.

  4. lol honey Im supposed to be working! Im instead readin the good